Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Meeting with a Sai Baba devotee

Om Sai Nathaya Namah

Today happened to meet a Sai Baba devotee and in the local Temple and had a little chat with him. I had been going to Sai Baba temple and read the sacred Pothi (literature) there since last three weeks. The reading starts from Thursday and ends on Wednesday or sometimes earlier. Today the feeling was great as the completion of the reading neared and great vibrations, or energy or grace was working on the body. In the comment by Mr. Shastri here, the Bauls refer it as the wind. A cleansing process of the system (physical, emotional, mental, subtle and more or one can say the cleansing process of accumulated karma or impressions we have gathered since centuries) was happening with a great force. After the all the remaining few chapters of Sai SatCharitra were over, was just sitting and letting the subtle energy work.

Among the other visiting devotees, there came one simple devotee, who sat in the temple for quite a long. And one could see how much love and respect he had for Sai Baba, the way he massaged the legs of Sai Baba in the form of statue, how occasionally Sai Baba bhajans slept out of his mouth. As he saw me relaxed with eyes open, he inquired about the book that was it SatCharitra. I answered in affirmation. He told me since the version of the book available in Shirdi, is smaller one, it is comparatively easy, otherwise verse to verse translated version even eight hours given daily, proves insufficient for him.

Then he told his story that how he visit regularly Sai Temples. If inquired if I was a regular visitor. I told him that since three to four weeks I was regular and reading and meditating on Sai Baba.

Then he told me his story how some years back, disaster had struck him, of all he was also under heavy burden of debt, and he went to Tapti river (Surat city is located on the banks of river Tapi), to flung his self into the river thereby bringing an end to his life. He told Sai Baba took me from that point to his Temple (Situated at place called Chawtapull or maybe Chawtapool ) and since he never misses visiting Sai Baba’s Temple from saving him from that point of committing suicide. He also told about another devotee from Surat who from last 38 years have been visiting Shirdi every month. That devotee he mentioned, that had long time back, when even the means to reach Shirdi from Surat where not good enough, had visited Shirdi every Thurday of every month continuously for 4 years. In those days that particular devotee was doing a job. My heart and mind was amazed by hearing these stories, and also was amazed how strong was/is the bhakti or devotion of the guy who visited Shirdi, while doing job, every Thursday from Surat. Even these days by road in a good car it takes about 8 hours to reach from Surat to Shirdi. This devotee he mentioned now is very well settled financially living in huge bunglow, with some ice cream business going on very well, and Sai Baba still calls him to Shirdi every 15 days. And what about the guy who met me, how he loved Sai Baba, how satisfied he looked serving Sai Baba everyday.

Sai Baba aapki leela aap hi jano.


nilesh747 said...

Nice posting!I too belive in Sri Saibaba.He is one of the 3 which form the Dattatraya.I have been to Shirdi twice and felt really good.

Anonymous said...

Our Baba is omniprsesent and will bless all.Baba i am waiting for you to bless me as well.I pray to you that my faith in you becomes 100 fold everyday and i dive in the ocean of patience for the rest of my life.Baba give me strength and courage and please forgive me for all that i have done wrong(knowingly and unknowingly).Love you always baba.

Anonymous said...

Om Shri Sainathaya Namah!
Please come in my dream. Bless me to surrender completely at your lotus feet. Please guide my family in the right path and Bless my nephew to get a job soon. I will post it after he gets a job. Thanks!

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