Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sai Baba's Grace

Jai Saintah

Was reading How K.J.Bhishma Composed Shri Sadguru Sainath Sagunopasana. Second part continued here.
The story deals with how K. J. Bhisma had a dream and on visiting Shirdi how Sai Baba pointed out to him that he knew his dream. If we read experiences of devotees who met Sai Baba in Shirdi when he was moved about in form made of flesh and blood, most of the time Sai Baba would narrate important incident or dream of a newly visiting devotee to show him is all pervasiveness and thus injecting faith in him or her so that the spiritual journey of the individual starts.

In the second part of the posting is the mention of Sai Baba putting his hand on Bhisma's head for full two minutes which goes as
' Sai Baba put his palm on Bhishma’s head for two full mintues. Bhishma went into
ecstacy. How could he describe the state of his mind except by saying like
Devnath in his famous composition “Gurukrupayka uhnjuna paya mera main janu”
. “The Guru’s Grace I have received I know it for myself”.'

Yes how can one describe the state of mind when in spiritual ectasy or in the influence of spiritual grace showered by Saguru. Two minutes by clock time is mentioned but what happens belongs to timelessness something beyond time, untouched by time, because time implies past and future.

This grace of Sai Baba is still felt by the devotees in Shirdi, while reading the blessed book Sai Satcharitra and by remembering Sai Baba. I would also like to mention a post on Mr. Shastri's blog , which deals a rather unusual way of transmitting the grace in disciple. The disciple was challenged for a wrestling match where the following occured.

' He was still smiling and holding me with a strong grip. Gradually I felt a sort of electric current coming out of his hands and entering into me. That touch made me completely helpless. I lost all my physical strength. I went into ecstasy*, and the hair of my body stood on end. Releasing me, the Master said with a smile, "Well, you are the winner."'

Later in the post it says, '
Patting me gently on the back, he said: "Come here often. It is not enough to come once."'

Yes this statement shows us much,
Sai Baba also used to tell the same thing to most of his devotees, come here often. We should visit the grace bestowing Shirdi, read the grace bestowing Sai Satcharitra quite often just as we need to bath the physical body with water, the other subtle aspects of us needs cleaning up by visiting Sai Baba temple, visiting Shirdi, Reading Sai SatCharitra and remembering Sai Baba, his stories and sharing the stories with friends and family.



pregnantfather said...

Thank you, Alpesh, for this wonderful blog.


Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram.

This was very nice post, it put a huge smile on my face. Thank You.

Om Sai Ram. :-)

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