Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pleasing Sai Baba

Today while reading Sai SatCharitra, the story of the dog fed made an impact on me. Sai Baba was telling me, this is the right way to please me, this is the way you can make me happy. Yes surely seeing Sai Baba in all living creature is the best way to worship or pleasing God. We must be ever cautious of not hurting a living being with thought, deed or words. This is perhaps better than pujas and mantras and bhajans. What is the the use if we go to Sai Baba temple or to any temple or mosque or church for that matter, perform rituals prescribed in books or holy men, come out and kick a dog or an animal or a so called lower status human being. When a sense of power makes us hurt someone may it be by words, thoughts or deeds. If we go to temple, maybe visit Shirdi, perform Aratis, make a donation, offer flowers and fruits and food to Sai Baba, and if we forget to feed a hungry beggar or a hungry animal, worst even insult or hurt them in any way, we are not loving Sai Baba or God or the divine that lives everywhere.

And this also reminds me of a short story of Gautam Buddha which i posted on the blog dedicated to inspirational stories

Incidentally , i was reading Inspirations and Creative Thoughts on a blog named mystic saint by Sadiq Alam, where i read the following

The model of adab in the Sufi tradition is the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing upon him), who said: "None of you will have authentic faith until your hearts are made right, nor will your hearts be made right until your tongues be made right, nor will your tongues be made right until your actions be made right."

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Sadiq said...

thanks so much for the honor. what you mentioned about Sai Baba's teaching is so important. beautiful.

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