Thursday, June 14, 2007


Was talking with my Mom. Had been through much financial problems since last few months. To be more truthful, since many years. Every effort to improve the financial status resulted in negative.

After seeing all the efforts going down the drain the mind was now afraid of making any more effort. So had left all the money gaining efforts and was spending much time reading Sai SatCharitra in local temple. Since the subtle energy is too high in the temple all the emotions and what ever state of mind, emotions and lot more that happened to the entity called me, was being surrendered to Sai Baba, his love and grace. Sometime it would happen that the system would get attacked by much downer feelings and emotions that even one felt that why you are offering such downer state of being to Sai Baba. It was to the point of guilt, that don't you have anything better to offer to Sai Baba. But Sai Baba the merciful Fakir is there for us to take such offerings and freeing us from it, even He feels pain seeing his devotee's pain, but does not complain, and always ask for it.

Many times looking at Sai Baba in the form of idol or statue or Murti, much loved and gratitude flowed through the heart. That time the heart got elevated and one felt that out of all the offerings we make like offerings of flowers, food, and more, Sai Baba loves most the offering of heart and love.

Coming back to the original story ( i almost thought that todays post will be one of the shortest and the above was never intended until i started typing, it just came out). Since the financial condition suddenly started to improve, my Mom came to me and said that i must continue the devotion and the condition will keep improving.To which an answer just slept out of my mouth that, "It is far better to be devoted for the sake of devotion than for the sake of something good to happen, for if one is devoted it is sure that only good will happen."

Yes truly why ask Sai Baba or to the God, or the highest the most merciful, the infinite for small things one by one, just ask for his grace and love and everything that happens will be right for us, Remember the two most important things Sai Baba asks from us Sraddha (Faith) and Saburi (Paitence), why ask and seek for petty things one by one, which seems to be endless, rather than the ultimate, the love and grace of God.

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