Friday, May 11, 2007

Sai Baba Aarti Shirdi BHUPALI IV


Composed by:: Sant Namdev

Utta panduranga aataa darshan dhya sakala
Jzhala arunodaya sarali nidrechi vela
Sant sadhu muni avaghe jhaleti ghola
Soda sheje sukhe aata bandu ghya mukha kamala
Rang mandapi mahaadwaari jzzaalise datee
Man utaaveel roop pahawaya drishti
Rahee rakhumabai tumha yewoo dya daya
Sheje haalawunee jage kara dev raya
Garud hanumant ubhe paahateewat
Swarginche surwar ghewuni aale bobhat
Zhale muktha dwar laabha zhala rokada
Vishnudas naama ubha ghewooni kakada
Oh Panduranga, the hour of sleep has passed and now it is already dawn. Awake and grant us all thy
darshan (in all thy divine glories);
Saints, sages, mystics and the pious are all awaiting thee. Give up the pleasure of sleep and give us the
darshan of thy hallowed face;
We all throng at thy threshold bubbling with enthusiasm to catch a sight of thee;
Mother Rukmini, thou must take pity on us and wake up the God of gods from his bed; Garuda and
Hanumantha stand biding thy darshan. All the gods have arrived here from the heavens chanting thy holy
Name all along the way;
Vishnudas (alias) Namadev stands by to perform the Morning Arati to thee. Pray, open the (Mandir)
doors (of Liberation) and grant us the bliss of thy darshan.

"Arati Sai Baba"
(Book of Shirdi Aratis)
English Transliteration of the Original Marathi arati songs
with an English Translation, Introduction and commentary

Sri Sainathuni Sarath Babuji
Published by
Saipatham Publications
P.O.Box No.1277
Opp.Kacheguda Rly.Station
Hyderabad, 500 027
Phone & Fax:: 663385, 666370

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Alpesh, thank you for this stunning mural!

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