Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sai Baba Stories ........RadhaKrishnamai

After the arrival of Sunderbai in Shirdi, because of her devotion towards the RadhaKrishna, people of started calling her as Radhakrishnamai. ShirdiSai Baba used to call her RadhaKirshni, sometimes Sai Baba would even call her as Avdasa. Gradually the original name Sunderbai was erased from people’s mind and RadhaKrishnamai was how she was popularly known as and called by the people of Shirdi and the visitors of Shirdi.

RadhaKrishnamai always used to wear thick clothes, the clothes used to be stark clean. The hair on the head used to be free and untied, sometimes were tied in knots. In her kutia (small thatched home) would be bed covered with a clean bedsheet and a mosquito net over it. On the small platform for devotion and prayers clean gadi (small mattress), on which was placed the nine inch beautiful idol of RadhaKrishna, made of brass. On both sides of the idol were beautiful pictures of Sai Baba, on which the garland of flowers were adorned, and on both the sides were placed pillows with hand stitched design.

One of the picture was of Sai Baba sitting on the stone, the other photo was of Sai Baba sitting on the floor. There was one small additional picture in which Sai Baba was standing leaning on a wall, his hand pulling up a little of his kafni (dress). Visitors of Shirdi used to visit the Kutir of RadhaKrishnamai to have the darshan of these pictures. Also Sai Baba used to send most of the visitors to the Kutir, asking them, did you visit the Shala? (School), which meant the kutir of RadhaKrishnamai.

Two books were always seen in the Kutir, one was printed in Nirnay Sagar press in Mumbai which contained Marathi Abhangs, composed by Saint Tukaram. The other was a book by poet Jaydev called Geet Govind, also in Marathi.

RadhaKrishnamai used to prepare morning breakfast for Sai Baba, other than that she did not have to worry about cooking. In the afternoon she would eat whatever Sai Baba use to sent her as prasad to eat. In the evening prominent devotees of Sai Baba like Bapusaheb Buti would bring their food and everybody used to partake of the food brought by everyone. Thus RadhaKrishnamai could pass most of her time in devotion, singing devotional songs with ektara (a single string musical instrument). The melody could be herd in the Dwarkamai.


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It is helpful to increase devotion
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