Friday, March 2, 2007

Sai Baba's Love and Grace

Those who visited Shirdi when Sai Baba was present in body, doing unimaginable leelas and even now, many visitors, either devotees or just going there to accompany, friends or relatives. They sense some physical sensations of the divinity of the place. Getting the hair of the body standing on their ends, tears flowing out of their eyes, feeling a kind of energy in heart that words would not come out of their mouth, even though they try to speak. The writer have read about so many such experiences by so many devotees and also heard from many Devotees mouth. Leave alone Shirdi, so many devotees go through such feelings even while watching Sai Baba’s picture, or while listening or reading stories about him. There is some magnetism in Sai Baba that devotees keep getting drawn to remember him, listen or read about him or watching Sai Baba’s pictures or statues. The relation created is so strong that it cannot be compared with the relation we share otherwise. It has a new and totally different quality about it.

If I remember well while sitting in the local temple, where there is a huge and Grand Statue of Sai Baba. I have many times felt the energy running through the image of Sai Baba created from stark white marble. One could feel the close relation. If it has to be explained in the normal terms we live, we feel a certain kind of energy when we meet a near and dear one. Yes we even feel a kind of energy up surging within while even thinking or watching a picture of near and dear one. May be a family member, a close friend or a beloved one. A similar feeling yet totally different in magnitude and ……. Well the feeling cannot be described but one has to feel it and know it.

But the training of the mind for other ambitions and other wants is such that, in the beginning, we tend to forget that greatness of the feeling. And fall back again for our petty wishes and petty goals thinking that it will give us all the happiness and total peace of mind. If we look back in our lives and see that there are many such wishes that we thought, would bring total solutions to our problems and happiness will prevail. Even after the fulfillment of those wishes, if we observe carefully, we do not feel much grateful for those fulfilled wishes, new wishes and desires have taken place. The mind is still hankering.

Why do we forget those beautiful moments of divine grace we felt? Why don’t we hanker for it, something of the totally new dimension, where all the desires and wants had melt? Yes it’s tough to live in that manner in this world which is driven by ambitions and wishes for power and material wealth, most will not approve for the hankering for the divine grace and love. It will be very well accepted if we go in temple bow and pray to God and get back to the business of getting more power over others and accumulating more material wealth. Not much change is needed, just remember God all the time, ask for his grace and love and continue doing whatever we are doing. Not for the ambition or power, but for God. If we start feeling everything we do is for our beloved God, and we must do whatever we do while feeling his Grace and Love. Then everything we do becomes a prayer and service to God.

And yes there are many might not have felt such divine emotions grace or subtle energy. Those of us can for a change forget to ask Sai Baba about our minds goal and start asking for his love and grace. There will definitely a huge revolution within and without. A revolution of grace, sympathy, gratefulness and something which cannot be described in words but one must feel.

Bolo Satguru SaiNath Maharaj Ki Jai



uday bhaskar said...

hai alpesh ,
you felt the real presence of god in the form of energy .


hi alpesh
nice work done by you,from last many times i had been searching materials on baba,on ur blog it was superb,
but i don't understand how to download the teleserial series,it is opening on ur blog but how can v upload to our pc or some where,pls suggest/advice,
bye take care keep blogging
jai sai ram


Girsh uppal


sorry iam gitesh uppal

Anonymous said...

Om Sai Ram,

I have heard that statue of Sri Sai baba has been changed for 3 or 4 times is it true?

Please tell me the truth if u know about this because i have heard that once the statue is given the PRAN PRATISHTHA that can not be changed. if it is so where is the original statue ?

Please reply me.

Om Sai Ram.


Anonymous said...

jai sai ram sai ram
om sai ram sai muje darshan drdo
aviral & sarad

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