Friday, January 12, 2007

My Guru can give boundless

Life is such a flux. Few days the mind was at unrest, and again there was suffering. We suffer due to insecurity. Insecurity of relationship, material insecurity, insecurity of losing the known, and the mind is never in our control. The mind takes leaps breeding insecurities.

Ah but I have the blessings and love of
Sadaguru. Sai Baba’s pictures are also so much communicative. The pictures of Sai Baba are enigmatic. They are living, most of the time I feel the picture of Sai Baba of more living and vibrant than the fellow beings. And this experience I have heard from so many devotees of ShirdiSai.

There is a picture of
Sai Baba in my room, which is communicative. The eyes of Baba convey a lot through the picture, even the face expression changes. This has been happening since such a long time, actually years. Few days ago I could see the picture of Sai Baba in pain, the eyes were also in deep pain, and I knew some problem is waiting. And indeed it happened in a couple of days. Other devotees of Baba and my friends were going through anxiety. And it affected my mind also. And in such time I do what I know the best, actually it would not be proper to say I do. I don’t trust the reasoning of the mind to solve our problems. How can a troubled mind solve any problems? So I sit before Sai Baba’s picture and let his grace work on the wounded mind and heart. I surrender completely to him, knowing well that my efforts in solving any problems would not be enough. Truly we have made great progress intellectually and we trust our intellect most. We take pride in solving the problems, if the problems happen to be solved. And we miss the clear apparent fact, that all the progress brought about by the intellect has not brought about the real solutions. We can build gorgeous big buildings, which can supply physical comfort, but in those houses most of us cannot sleep with the calm and serene mind. We create big bank balances but cannot get rid of the insecurities and fears. We create weapons and high tech modes of defenses, which has not been able to get us free from the fear. So the mind and intellect has failed so far in this area.

Today the anxiety of the mind is over and was lying with calm mind allowing the energy and grace of Baba to work on the mind, by warping the Shawl, which I had bought of Shridi Sansthan Shop in Shirdi. Every day so many clothes and shawls are offered to Sai Baba at Samadhi Mandir. Also they are sanctified as they remain on Samadhi and/or on Sai Baba’s Grand Statue. Shirdi Sai Sansthan sells this offering at very reasonable rates to the Devotees, seeking blessings through it. Yes those clothes have totally different quality. Even when the mind was anxious and feeling wounded the blessings from the shawl was allowed to work. The pain was sustained.

Also there came few moments when I was praying to Baba, to take away the anxiety from his devotees. To which through picture, Baba seemed to tell me. Don’t you see pain my eyes? I am also suffering with them, while they are suffering I am with them. My ways are inscrutable. I suffer when they suffer, and strange are the ways of Karma. Because I love them, because I want them to get free, they have to pass through what they have to pass through. But don’t you worry I am with them, my grace and love will sustain them.

Ok after writing this I open up
Sai Sat Charitra and put some quotes from the sacred book.

“The knowledge of the self is so subtle and mystic that no one by his own individual effort can ever hope to attain it.”

“Lords grace is most essential.”

“The teachings of Guru are of no use to a man who is full of egoism and always thinks about sense objects.”

“If you listen to me carefully, you will certainly benefited. While sitting in masjid I never speak any untruth.”

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