Sunday, December 10, 2006

What I learned Today.

First an excerpt from Sai SatCharitra Chapter XXIV

Sai Baba's Characteristics -- His Dependency on Bhaktas

Sai Baba allowed His devotees to serve Him in their own way, and did not like any other persons interfering in this. To quote an instance, the same Mavsibai was on another occasion, kneading Sai Baba's abdomen. Seeing the fury and force used by her, all the other devotees felt nervous and anxious. They said, "Oh mother, be more considerate and moderate, otherwise you will break Sai Baba's arteries and nerves". At this Sai Baba got up at once from His seat, dashed His satka on the ground. He got enraged and His eyes became red like a live charcoal. None dared to stand before or face Sai Baba. Then He took hold of one end of the Satka with both hands and pressed it in the hollow of his abdomen. The other end He fixed to the post and began to press His abdomen against it. The satka which was about two or three feet in length seemed all to go into the abdomen and the people feared that the abdomen would be ruptured in a short time. The post was fixed and immovable and Sai Baba began to go closer and closer to it and clasped the post firmly. Every moment the rupture was expected, and they were all dismayed, did not know what to do, and stood dumb with wonder and fear. SaiBaba suffered this ordeal for the sake of His Bhakta. The other devotees wanted only to give a hint to the Mavsibai to be moderate in her service and not cause any trouble or pain to Baba. This they did with good intention, but Baba did not brook even this. They were surprised to see that their well-intentioned effort had resulted in this catastrophe; and they could do nothing but to wait and see. Fortunately, Sai Baba's rage soon cooled down. He left the satka and resumed His seat. From this time onward, the devotees took the lesson that they should not meddle with anybody but allow him to serve Baba as the chooses, as He was capable to gauge the merits and worth of the service rendered unto Him.

There are innumerable devotees of Sai Baba, each with unique characteristic, and unique way of Bhakti, or worship, or unique knot with Sai Baba. The bond of Sai Baba with each devotee is unique. So it is ever useless to compare our Bhakti or the way of our relationship with SaiBaba with others. It is utterly useless to think my way of devotion is better. It is how deep one has Faith in Sai Baba. One may be regularly worshipping SaiBaba, writing and talking a lot about Sai Baba, may be wearing ornaments or clothes with Sai Baba’s picture and name on it. The other may just be talking a casual talk with the latest fashioned clothing. Yet the other may be far ahead in relationship with Sai Baba, and may have far deeper faith in SaiBaba. One can never judge a real devotee of Sai Baba just by outward appearance or the outer deeds.

It is not good to feel that my religion or sadhna is true and others are wrong. Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansha.

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రామ ShastriX said...

Thank you for this interesting XP :-)

"The Father makes no judgment, but hath committed all judgment unto the son"-John 5:22

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