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How To Pray To Shirdi Sai Baba

How to love God
How our Beloved Guru Sri Sai Baba Works on us

Shirdi Sai Baba has touched millions of lives, in his own inscrutable ways. Different spiritual Masters have been doing it since ages. The way of the Shirdi Sai Baba has been peculiar and there is no one way or few ways he touches and works for his most beloved devotees, there are many. However the most apparent is his form and his photos or pictures. As described in Chapters of Sai SatCharitra 18 and 19th Watching Guru's Form is one of the most powerful way of meditation.

And with that Shradha (Faith) and Saburi(Patience), are two most valuable characteristics we the devotees require. I feel great upsurge of elevating energy in my body when ever i gaze on
Sai Baba's picture. And each time with the surge of energy seems to work on brain and other parts of body. Sai Baba communicates with his much loved devotees through his pictures. That might be the reason we find so many pictures of Shirdi Sai Baba. In India if one moves around in any city, chances are less that one will not come across the pictures of Sai Baba. And most of Sai Baba's devotees have felt the communication with Sai Baba through his pictures.

Another way is the Sacred Book Sai SatCharitra.

Another way is the Holy Land Shirdi, a small insignificant village once turned into crowded pilgrimage place with lots of hotels and shops, where Sai Baba attracts all his devotees. The Holy land of Shirdi is such a powerful place throbbing with grace of Sai Baba, and SaiBaba calls all his beloved devotees to clean them of their karmas and accumulated Shanskaras and impressions. However each devotee needs different treatment which is very beautifully explained by Bhauji through the story linked. (<<< Click that link read and come back).

I would like to quote Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansha " Pilgrimage becomes futile if it does not enables you to attain love of God. Yes this is absolute truth Sai Baba used to say "I give people what they want in the hope that they will begin to want what I want to give them". Baba draws his beloved devotees to him. Sai Baba gives his devotees whatever they want, so that they begin to want what wants to give. The love of Baba, only love from Baba, with which Baba is always overflowing. This how i was hooked by Sai BabaSai Baba and whenever i see Sai's picture or Sai Baba's idol, i feel great love flowing for the benefit and growth of his devotees. When i look at Baba the connection felt is so strong it cannot be described in words. We say we go to SaiBaba. The truth is Sai Baba calls us and works on us.

And all we can do is surrender our selves to Sai Baba and let Sai work, let his grace work, let his love work. When we work let Sai Baba's grace, love and remembrance be the guide. Sai SatCharitra be the guide. Each time i open Sai SatCharitra it gives me appropriate directions. I have so much pull towards living in Shirdi, just because working of Sai Baba, the grace and love of Sai is felt so much. While going through tough times, i was praying to Sai Baba of providing me enough so that i can buy a house in Shirdi and pass my life in his devotion in Shirdi. At that time i felt strongly that i was needed at my home. Even though jobless and and in debt, my parents has deep satisfaction of my being at home. My family and other loved ones. I cannot hurt them to be in Shirdi. Yes if provided i can pass two or three months in Shirdi come back stay with them and go again.

Yesterday i came across the following story of Meher Baba, Bhauji told the story on online chat i felt it to be very beautiful and so i asked his permission if i can post it on my blog on Shirdi Sai Baba, which Bhauji readily agreed so here it goes

There is no reason to leave the world. The world will --
leave you, provided you follow His Wish. --
I just give one example. There was one family in Poona, --
and everyone of the family was following Baba --
wholeheartedly. The husband, wife and children...--
if there was any Baba programme, the whole family --
would attend. They had one room in the house –
that they called Baba's room. If anyone wanted to go to pray --
to Baba, they could go and no one could make --
any noise. Once one came to Baba, the wife Hemlata, --
and Baba asked her, "How is your husband?' –
She said "he is alright Baba." Baba asked, "What about the children?" --
They are also alright. I have come to you while they at school. –
And Baba said to her, I am very, very happy to hear this. Now you go and give my love to your husband --
and loving kisses to the children. Be happy and cheerful." She left. –
When she went back, she went to Baba's room, and she closed the room. And she was all alone in the room. The children came back from the school, and they saw that their mother had come. --
Because they saw her sandals outside the room. So they went to another place to play. –
In the late evening, the father came back from his job. He was a police inspector, --
and the children told him that their mother had come back from Baba, and that she was in Baba's room. --
The husband was also very, very happy, thinking how fortunate he was to have such a wife. --
A wife who loves Baba so much. So he cooked the dinner, and served dinner to the children. --
And he himself ate. Hemlata was still in Baba's room. The husband was waiting and waiting, --
but she did not come out. So he did not distrurb her. He slept, and the children slept. --
In the morning, when he got up, he found that his wife was still sleeping. --
He thought, "How fortunate I am that I have such a wife who loves Baba so much. " --
So he cooked the breakfast for the children, and served them their breakfast. He brought out clean clothes for them, --
and he told them to go to school after they changed their clothes. –
And he left for his job. But in the evening, when he returned from his job, he found Hemlata was still in Baba's room. --
Then he started thinking, "What to do now?" I am happy that she loves Baba so much. --
But at the same time, I am facing practical difficulties. --
So he wrote a letter to Baba saying, "Baba, my wife Hemlata loves you very much, and I am very, very happy, but now I find --
that since the time that she has returned , she is not coming out of Your room in the house. –
This is not my complaint against Hemlata. On the contrary, I am happy that she loves you so much, --
but I am facing practical difficulties. " When the letter was received, Eruch read his letter to Baba. --
Baba said, "Send a telegram immediately, and call the whole family immediately, including the children." -
He did it, and the next day the police inspector, his wife Hemlata and the children came to Satara. –
And Baba embraced each one, and asked them to sit down. They were sitting in front of Beloved Baba, --
And Baba embraced each one, and asked them to sit down. They were sitting in front of Beloved Baba, --
and Baba said to Hemlata, "Hemlata, I am very, very happy with your love. You love Me so much. --
And you make Me happy. But I am happy with your love in you." And then Baba looked at the children. --
"But I am not happy in them. I don't get food on time. I don't get clean clothes, and of course, I wait for you in them." –
Then Baba looked at the husband, and Baba said, "Oh! I am very, very unhappy in him. I have to go to my job, and my job is so difficult. --
I cannot come back home on time. I don't get food. On the contrary, I have to cook food for the children. –
very, very unhappy in him. But Hemlata, I tell you the truth. I am very, very unhappy in them. --
But I am happy in you. But can you not make me happy in them, too? You make me happy only in you, and you make my unhappy in them. –
But I am happy in you. But can you not make me happy in them, too? You make me happy only in you, and you make my unhappy in them. --
Just have mercy on Me. Do you like to make Me unhappy in them?" And she immediately said, "No, Baba, I don't want to make any of them unhappy." –
So Baba said, "I give you this husband and the children, knowing fully well that you will make them happy in you and happy in them. but you make Me happy in you, and unhappy in them. How miserable I am in them." --
And Hemlata said, "Baba, I will no more do this. Forgive me Baba, I did not think that you would be –
unhappy in them. I want you to be happy in all. " --
Then Baba said, "Then love Me, and love Me in the same way in them. And because I have --
so much confidence in you, I just gave these children and husband to you." And Hemlata said, --
Baba, forgive me, I will love them, and I will make You happy in them, too." And then Baba embraced her twice –
and then kissed the children and the husband. So this is family life. Baba does not want that we should make –
any members of the family unhappy. It is my responsibility."

I also feel like linking How To Love God By Meher Baba as it is the best way to love our most beloved Shirdi Sai Baba

Sadaguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai


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sachin gaba said...

Om sai ram to all of u

alpesh can u please provide some baba's wallpapers to us.


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Open your heart to him and you will find he is there

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Suhas said...

Please pray for me, i am in desperate need of a miracle! write to you in a lot of pain!

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Dear BABA im suffering from different kinds of problem in these days so would you please to solve my problems so that i could write the coments here later?Where are you baba? i need your help for solving the financial problems.


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Dear My LORD BABA, I pary you everyday for the betterment of my life because my life has been in a troublematic condition in these days due to financial credits so I'd like to pray to my God to get rid of all my problems in a dramatic way so that i could make a comment here for public....

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Om sai ram

Baba main aapki kripa chahti hun. aap
se main bhi bat karna chahti hun kaya meri yeh wish poori hogi

aapki beti sss

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the man whom i love is in a deep trouble my lord... MU is in a great trouble... please help him come out of the trouble he is in ...

He has stopped talking to me and texting me as well my lord... i am in your abode today askin u to please shower your blessing upon .. Please do send your holyspirt tonite my lord and help him as a guardian angel... please help him be a good man...

My Lord i love him a lot... please make him realise how much i love and care for him my lord... please heal him from his past complications dat he got for himself... please i beg my lord.. pleasee forgive all his mistakes i beg you on his behalf my lord...

Almighty .. please show your miracle ... i want to marry this man and live a very beautifull life with him till the last breath of my life along with my children from him... please shower your blessings upon ...

Prayer warriors please pray for my MU... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i only have lords abode to help me... am praying vigorously for him please dont let me down... please help me with your humble prayers - ---------------- MY HUMBLE REQUEST-----------------------
Update - moments ago:
Dear god, i happend to speak to him yday, he asked me to give him some space till 15 days he said he wont talk or text me at all .... please guide him my lord.... I love this person a lot and would want marry him ... please listen to our humble prayers ... shower your prayer... am waiting with all the hopes in my eyes... with tears in em ... i knw one day u are goin to answer me... coz for you nthng is impossible,.... my frens say stop think of him... but i wont let this go my lord.... U HAVE TO ANSWER ME MY LORD... I NEED YOUR ANSWER MY LORD... AM IN YOUR ABODE with my hands wide spread to receive your blessings... and grant me my wish.... dats only in you hands

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BABA ,i m in deep trouble i dont know whats going to happen me 2moro when my bro comes ...BABA if ur god then y dont u hear ur sons cry y dont u help me,,why u give me only pain n pain.....u say keep faith n patience every thing will be alright ,,,,but till how long ???

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Ya Baba,
Please give my family a big miracle to cure my husband from his illness and pains that he goes through everyday and night, it is not fair for a man of his age to undergo through this turmoil, BABA I know one of his biggest stresses in life is our son whom we need to help desperately to mend his ways, Baba also please shower your blessings on my son Kumail to find a good job and to hold on to it, or to join into his fathers business and help him, My younger son Aliasgar also is need of your bountiful blessings as his contracted work is about to finish in the next few months and he too will need a good job. Baba as you know I do tasbis on your name and also light a diya for you, and have done your 9 thursdays vrath, and YOU did HELP ME!!! I WILL NOT DENY THAT EVER!! WHICH IS WHY I AM TURNING AGAIN TO YOU!!! INSHALLAH WHEN OUR FINANCIAL MEANS ARE BETTER I NOT ONLY INTEND TO BRING MY FAMILY TO COME TO SHIRDI BUT ALSO TO GO TO KARBALA FOR THE ZIRATH.

Inshallah i intend to do the Vrath again.

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Dear Sai,

Please Be there with my uncle. He and his family needs you. . . Save him without any problems... Please sai... Om Sai Ram...


gaurav sethi said...

sai baba,
Meri naukri laga do aur parivaar me sab ki raksha karo...mujhe mere purane janam bhi yaad dila do

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baba..pls change my husband..i love him so much but he still flirting with other girls..i cant take it..pls help me bab...solve my problem...

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baba i am sorry for everything wrong i have done in my life yet please forgive ..........and take care of rest of my life by praying to god........

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Dearest Baba,
Now i am watching your life story. i can see you like life. Give my children Long, healthy and happy life! May baba bless All! I will pray you My Load,Baba until my last.

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i was so upset that nothin is working out in life and thought lookin at baba s pic and takin live darshan would give me strength and calm me down , and i came across this site,, reading the experiences i felt as if it was alpesh patels experience who once showed me ways to connect to baba , though i m not capable enogh to do that, but once again i want to thank him, thanks alpesh

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please pray for in big trouble..other then baba no one can help me

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i know im the the one who create the problem.
im realize on my mistake,please help me.i have no 1 to help me other then u.becouse of that probem i cannot sit for my final exam.every 2nd im scared wht will happen to me?please me

Anonymous said...

Baba you know all my problems which I am facing day to day.I realise my past mistakes which I have commited from time to time,knowingly or unknowningly when I was imature.I know you have done a lot for me, but still my problems continue.I am in deep depression these days, you know why, Baba please help me as i have no 1 to help me other than u,please don't leave me alone at this most difficult situation.

Anonymous said...

Baba please help my mind is my greatest enemy i am suffering a great deal in all spheres of life

Anonymous said...

all ppl pls pray for getrid of my health problms which iam facing nw.......ome sai ram

Anonymous said...

Please gve me strength to make my life and my family's life happy. Please bring my husband back to me, in body mind and spirit.
I will try and make him happy and keep my children happy too....

Anonymous said...

Loving baba,

U have always looked after us i request u please to look at us and shower ur blessing..u know tomorrow is a very imp day for us where his health is concerned and ur promise to me was on gurupurinima all our suffering,health issues will come to an is the day baba i know that u are working on a miracle and it will happen.All health problems will vanish how i do not know but u will make it happen as u will never want to see ur children suffer long write off our wrong karmas u always
ur daughter

M.R.B said...

Baba mujhe kuch nahin chahiye sirf aap ki pyaar chahiye .........

Anonymous said...

Dear Baba,
Please make my love success I am very much depressed without her I need her kindness ,carring
please I am always thinking about her please do miracle to fullfill my wishes


aman said...

baba , i am feeling so low , you are everything to me , you know my problem , please help me baba . you have been doing miracle in my life , you have been so kind why are you not supporting me in this case , please baba , if i have done something wrong plz forgive me baba
om sai ram

Anonymous said...

baba u know my problem..pls be with me baba...i am very grateful to you baba because u have made so many miracles in my life...i always want to be surrendered under your feet baba..
urs daughter..

sujatha said...

baba please be with us always. help me be strong. please bring peace and happiness to our family. me and mohan should be happy with each other. Vijay should listen to me and I should be kind to him. he should not cling to me or mohan. Mohan should have some peace and be able to perform his work and take care of himself. I should not be calling him. I should show courage. vijay should cooperate for taking bath, eating and potty training. we should all be healthy and happy. please help us settle down at one place and always pray to you and be by our side. please shower your blessings on us.
I should not cry or be depressed. please show me that you are there for me and my family always.

Anonymous said...

baba life is not possible without you.

Kavita said...

Sai deva pls remove all my troubles and give a peacefull,happy and loving life to me and my daughter. do what you feel is right for me and my daughter.


archana said...

Sai Baba muje aur sab logo ko shakti dijiye ki hum sab apani apni problems ko dour kar sake ... Be with us in all our ways.. show us right directions and help us be with us ... jai Sai Nath.. Jai Sai Nath.. Jai Sai Nath ..Jai Sai Nath
Kripya kijiye

Anonymous said...

sai baba help us be with us in all our ways... aj kai din bahut important hai Sai baba be with us

Anonymous said...

Sai Baba life itni difficult kyo hai.. Bahut parasan hu Baba please help me be with me baba..... baba muje ur mere husband ki problems door kijiye apani kripiya kijiye baba.. apani kripya kijiye baba.. be with us baba.. apana hath humera sath rakhiya kripa kijiye baba help us

Anonymous said...

baba you are great make all the people to be positive and go ahead to their life make all the people to be optimistic and good sense of living

Anonymous said...

baba i want to be away from unnessary fear and want to live freely. please god help me to lead ahead in my life god. make make me to think good do good and live good god .you have created me so let me to live freely god ,om saibaba omsairam

Anonymous said...

baba pls bless me to conceive soon.

Anonymous said...

sairam i want to pass all the 10 subjects in this 7th sem ple help me

Anonymous said...

This worked for me. Baba is Guru. If your Hindu, Kindly go to Vinayagar temple or Amman temple and light a ghee lamp continuously daily for 60 days. the days ur menstrual light a ghee lamp in your house prayer room. While lighting, do not in your mind or heart complain or worry or be sad over what is happening. Look straight into Vinayagar or Amman idol or picture and gaze full of confidence.Say to them I'm your daughter, kindly put an end to your son-in law flirting. Make him to be loyal and faithful to me only. Thank-you my Lord.

After that dont think anymore, dont keep wondering when is the God going to make it happen. You must try to push away all the doubts as I realise the more confident we are while praying, the results are very effective.

You must have faith and think of a positive thoughts or words to push away the doubts if this work.
After 60 days is over, no need to go temple. depending how God is manifesting and working a solution for you, we dont know how many months this takes.wait for 2 months at least.

There are many solution and rituals.

Anonymous said...

Sai Baba,
Please give me your blessings so my financial situation improves. I am able to provide my children a warm house, warm clothing and warm food in these winter months.

Unknown said...

sai ram
I want your blessings its enough for my life and please make my name good in the society and I want a peaceful family and any good government job

Anonymous said...

Om sai ram. Please give me your blessings...

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