Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Stubborn devotee visits Shirdi

This Sai Baba Leelas stories is very important for the next post "Meditation - Shirdi Sai Baba."

Having heard about Shirdi Baba’s fame the lady visited Shirdi along with some people from Sangamner. Her name was Radhabai Deshmukh. She had a wonderful experience of Baba Sai’s darshan. Devotion towards Baba increased significantly in her heart.

The lady was old in age but with great faith and reliance on Baba with firm resolve in her mind. She resolved that, until Baba gives me a ‘kaan-mantra’, I shall not go any where else from Shirdi. Moreover She wanted the mantra from the holy mouth of Saibaba Himself.

Resolving thus she gave up food and water also. She would not eat a morsel of food or consume a sip of water. This went on three days continuously, such was her firm resolution. Madhavrao Deshpande(Shama), got much worried at this. For the old lady was not daunted by the prospect of death.

So he went straight to Masjid and sat in front of Baba Sai. As usual, Baba inquired about general well-being, with genuine concern. “So Shama, what is the news? Is everything all right? That oilman, Narayan, has gone astray and he is troubling me greatly.”

 Being already troubled with old lady's resolve Shama at once asked Baba,’Really, what should be done now? And what is this mystery of yours, O Deva? No one can understand your leela! It is you who bring men, one by one, to this village and You ask us for news!

That Radhabai Deshmukh, she is very old, she has remained without food and water for three days in order to win your grace. The old lady is extremely stubborn; her faith in You is unshakable. And You - You don’t even look at her! Why do you make her so unhappy?

As it is she is all shriveled up like a dry stick; she is stubborn and difficult to deal with. And it is quite obvious the without food she will die. And then it will be said, the old lady went for his darshan with keen desire for spiritual instruction from him. But Sai Baba had no compassion and left her to die. Baba, let not people talk in this manner.

Why don’t You favor by giving her advise? Do ward off such an accusation! She is without any strength, and in great agony the old lady will die, bringing you in disgrace .  Her vow is loaded with great difficulties and we are greatly worried. If by ill-luck, the old lady dies it will be most improper. The lady adamantly threatens to give up her life, if You do not favor her with your grace. Really, I see no hope for her! Do tell her something, Yourself!’

What happened after that has mine of teachings from Baba you can read it - Meditation on Guru as explained by Shirdi Sai Baba

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