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A day in Shirdi around 1912 A.D

Om SadGuru SaiNath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Devotees deeply attached with Sai Baba of Shridi, often dream, wish or wonder about being present in Shirdi when Sai Baba was in body. So many devotee's deep love for Sai Baba makes them think and feel that, they must have been in Shirdi in their past lives. I have often come across devotees indulging in a mock quarrel about who would have been who, in their past life in Shirdi. Whether they got the occasional beating and abuse from Sai Baba. Thought of getting beaten or abuse by Sai Baba, while in Shirid creates joy in their hearts. This is the love of and for Sai Baba.

Below is discription of Activities till noon in Shirdi around 1912 A.D.

Early in morning at Chavadi Sai Baba would wake up and Kakad Arati would be performed by Megha. Devotees would rise early and after bath would gather at the Chavadi to attend the sacred Arati.

Devotees would go to their respective staying places and do their routine work, many engaging themselves in their form of worship, meditation, reading, singing or listening to Bhajans.

After the morning Kakad Arati, if Sai Baba had stayed at Chavadi he whole move to Dwarkamai. There Bhagoji Sinde would massage Sai Baba's hand with ghee put a leaf over it and would bandage it. This was daily done after Sai Baba had thrust His hand in fire and the hand got burnt, on asking why He did that, Sai Baba replied that far at one devotee's home a child was about to fall in fire and He did that to save the child. He did not mind His hand burnt, as the child was saved. One can read this incident in Shri Sai SatCharitra chapter 27.

At the same time Radhakirshnamai and Abdul Baba would sweep the roads from Masjid (Dwarkamai) to the Lendi Baug. Bhagoji would then light up a chillum and offer it to Sai Baba. After few exchanges of puffs from the chillum, Sai Baba would get up from His Gadi and would gallantly wash His hands, feet and mouth.

At about 9.30 in the morning when Shri Sai Baba came out for the Lendi, people would gather there. An embroidered umbrella would be carried over Sai Baba's head. Devotees and villagers would gather and walk along with Sai Baba, shouting the Jyakar with devotion and joy. People would also gather around Sathe and Dixit wada to watch the procession and offer their Namaskars.

As Sai Baba entered the Lendi Baug nobody except Abdul Baba was permitted to be with him. Abdul Baba in his interview has described briefly what happened there.

Kakasaheb Dixit would do parayan of Ramayana and other spiritul books that Sai Baba had directed him to read. Devotees would gather to listen to the same.

After returning from Lendi, Sai Baba would go for begging in four houses and return to Masjid and take his seat. Mahalsapati would make a tripund on Sai Baba's forehead and do his Puja. Other devotees would follow and do the Puja according to their own styles. Megha would come with Bela leaves and offer his Puja to Sai Baba and perform noon Arati standing on one leg.

After the Arati Sai Baba would distribute fruits and prasad to the gathered devotees and children. Children would get the best of the eatables. Standing on the edge of Majid Sai Baba would lovingly and sweetly send off all the gathered devotees after giving them sacred udi.

From Khaparde's diary below are the few lines

Sayin Sahib (Sai Baba), spoke with such a wonderful sweetness and would smile so often and with such extraordinary grace that the conversation will always remain engraved in my memmory.

Sayin Maharaj looked at me with an eye blazed wonderfully and sparkled with anger. (Here Shri Kaparde notices one eye of Sai Baba sparkled wonderfully)

He looked wonderfully beautiful at the Arati time.

If one reads Khaparde's dairy it is quite evident that mostly Sai Baba told short stories.

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