Sunday, April 6, 2008

Devotees experiences - Ekta Sawhney

dear alpesh,

please publish my experience of Sai's Blessings on your site.

Baba, I promised to u that i will write my experience about your blessings on my family. Sainath, i remember how my bhabhi was pregnant & doctors had said that 99% she will have an operation. Baba, how i prayed to u and wished it to be a normal delievery. even just before the delevery we were not sure what would happen.

that evening my mother and bhabhi went to your temple with tears in their eyes, praying for a safe and normal delievery and the next morning, my bhabhi gave birht to a baby boy -- it was a normal delievery--it just took around 10 seconds.!!

sai nath u have been with me and my family and forever answered our prayers. thank you baba, we have no one else except you to look upto in times of need. thank you sainath .......koti koti pranam !!

Ekta Sawhney
Lucknow, India.


My first experiences and devotees experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba

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