Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wallpapers Shirdi Sai Baba

More Shirdi Sai Wallpapers

These wallpapers of Shirdi Sai Baba , i happened to reach by the google alert for word Saibaba. Someone by name of Nims had uploaded these beautiful wallpapers of Saibaba on a forum, seeking for a freelance job. Today i checked with the forum, the thread is dead.

i tried a lot to get this devotees contact from the forum posting, in vain. Since this person is from the same city, Surat, i would have loved to met him and offer him some work of making some good SaiBaba wallpapers and put them on this blog.

i hope the person might reach this blog and contact me on my email id.


Kalpana said...

Wow! Wallpapers are excellent............

Anonymous said...

hey frnzzz
this is nims here..
my full name is nimesh patel
i have created these pics...
this sai baba is 16 feet huge sai baba's idol ... the purpose of this saibaba's idol is to spared sai baba's massage every where...
i hope u ppl liked this pics..
do reply me n let me know ur view abt this pics.
if wanna see more pics just check out my orkut album..
link :-

jai sainath
jai sairam

nimesh said...

scrap ur email address if wanna see more pics...
i will send them by mail..
jai sairam
jai sainath
jai ho sainath ki

Raghav said...

Sai Ram Alpesh.
Those Snaps r really very good.
with out u'r permission i'm copying them all.
I'm sorry.
pls permit me also to put them in the blog so tht lot of ppl can down load the same.

Nice work bro.
Regards & Best Wishes,
Sai Ram!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate all of your efforts in putting up these amazing pictures.


Anonymous said...

these wallpapers are awesome n out of dis world ....i mean i feel lyk watching baba......m in front of him....thnx

Anonymous said...

hai friends! this is lavanya here, happy to say abuot the greatness of sai ,the maha avatar.
it is very simple to say that those who worship sai will be blessed with all fortunes through out his life.

JAI SAI RAM!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi friends,
thank u for posting these beutiful sai baba pics. i was seaching for similar pictures of SAI BABA. JAI SAIRAM

Anonymous said...

HI friends,
this is Kalpana . thanks for uploading these beitiful pictures of SAI BABA.

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