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Sai Baba's beloved Shama's teenage

Madhavrao (Shamma) was yet a teenage, those days respect for elders and maryada held a very high importance. The teachers could not smoke in front of students, in the same way the the young generation would keep the boundaries of respect, they would not smoke in front of elders. The younger generation would not even approach the elder ones with footwear. They would remove the footwear before approaching the elders.

During the teenage time of Shama, Sai Baba never asked anybody for money, if given he would not take any. Yet the sacred fire, Dhuni Sai Baba would keep alive ever in Masjid. For that Sai Baba use to buy wood from the females that used to sell the wood pieces for burning. Sai Baba used to buy them in lots and keep them just outside the Masjid. The poor people from Shirdi would take few pieces for their needs and Sai Baba would never prevent anybody for doing so. Sai Baba's Durbar was open for all and none where treated badly. Sai Baba used to live such a non violent life that he would not even kill any mosquito.

Sai Baba's leelas and daily chores were closely watched by Madhavrao, from the school. He use to wonder if the Fakir he observe is a mad or sane one.

How did Sai Baba payed so much money? was the question that amazed the Shirdi villagers. Sai Baba would insert his hand in the deep pocket of Kafni and would take out the money, and give them without counting them. The sum of the money given would be exactly the same as it had to be given, not a penny more not a penny less.

Sai Baba used to light the Chillim very often. He used to smoke few drags and would offer his Chillum to smoke the passer by. Observing this Madhavrao (Shama) started visiting Sai Baba and thus he used to get free savor of smoke. Moreover the Masjid was situated on the outskirt of the Shirdi village and that for that reason the elders of Madhavrao (Shama) would not know of his smoking activity, this made it more appealing t him.

Madhavrao's addiction of smoking had a meaning of Baba Shree's leela. Otherwise Madhavrao (Shama) used to follow strict Marjadi religion. The practitioner of Marjadi religion would never eat and drink from outside, they would eat whatever that has been cooked by themselves, drink water that has been drawn out of well by their own hands, would wash their own clothes. Practicing of Marjadi religion meant that all the personal needs have to be attended by the self. Any kind of addiction had no place. Leaving the addiction part Madhavrao used to follow the strict rules of Marjadi religion. Madhavrao used to serve food to everyone in Dwarkamai daily, yet for his own meals, he used to take them at his own home.

Madhavrao had deep faith in Hindu Darma, Sai Baba used to tell him to act according to the Hindu Dharma. With Sai Baba's grace he used to do the parayan of Vishnu Shahastranama in Sanskrit. Sai Baba's bid he accepted Patelai of Astagam (a village), this complicated job was well accomplish by him with interest, elegance and pride.

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(Source taken from Gujarati book Sai Sarovar)

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