Friday, December 28, 2007

Saibaba from each and every pour light was emitted

We have seen the relationship between Sai Baba and Jyotindra Tarkhad in few of the posts on this blog. They shared loving relations like father and son. Jyotindra out of love was willing and always looking forward that Sai Baba gives him some work.

One day while Jyotindra was in Shirdi, Sai Baba asked told him that He was going towards Lendi Baag to have a bath. He asked Jyotindra if he would do a chore for Him.

SaiBaba further explained, “It is not a difficult task, I will bathe. Before doing so I will hand you My Kafni. Take it to the well and wash it. As you know I take an extremely long time to bathe, and it will dry in meantime. But do not allow it to trail on the ground.”

Jyotindra readily agreed. A feeling that there was a lesson in this chore, overwhelmed him. SaiBaba entered the room for bathe. Jyotindra waited outside for Sai Baba to handover His kafni to him. The waiting was long and impatience grew in Jyotindra. Out of impatience he peeped through the slit of the door. What he watched overwhelmed him and he stood speechless. He saw Saibaba and from each and every pour light was emitted. The light was so lumicent that he feared that he will lose sight. There was also a feeling of guilt of trying to see SaiBaba in nude. At that very moment SaiBaba called him out to handover the kafni.

Hastily Jyotindra took the kafni and hurried to the well. He washed, rinsed and wrung it. Now was the time for drying it. He walked in the heat of the mid day sun. With kafni held in both his hands, he raised those arms above his head. As the kafni got drier, it should lose the weight of the water evaporated. Here something contradictory happened, the kafni got heavier and heavier.

Jyotindra remembered Sai Baba’s instruction, that kafni should not trail on the ground. His arm got tired soon and started aching. He felt the arms would fall anytime. He started praying to Lord Hanuman to help him finish the chore without breaking the instructions of Sai Baba. He prayed, “O! Hanuman destroyer of Lanka, give me strength to so I can fulfill this seva. O! Hanuman bhaktas of Sri Rama, help me complete this service as a bhakta and sevak to Sai Baba.” His lips moved in silent prayer.

Just then Saibaba yelled, “Arre Bhau, why are you praying to Hanuman for help.” Just as Jyotindra herd this weight of the kafni started getting lighter. Jyotindra confessed to SaiBaba and asked his forgiveness.

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