Sunday, November 25, 2007

Shirdi Saibaba showing the acceptance of offered food

Much has been written about how Sai Baba of Shirdi, showed his acceptance to His pictures or photos and idol. One described in Shri Sai SatCharitra and on a post called Sai Baba's love for devotion. Sai Baba on this occasion pointed out that, he went for the daily offerings of prasad (food offerigs) to him, offered to him along with the worship offering to his picture in a devotees home in Bombay (now Mumbai), and found that no food was offered that day, and had to return hungry.

This incident also comes from the Tarkhad family from Mumbai. 1915 A. D., Tarkhads were in Shirdi. One day while they were sitting in Dwarkamai suddenly Saibaba to Mrs. Tarkhad said, " Aaye (Mother) I have to go to your home three times a day. She understanding the higher meaning of what Sai Baba said replied in affirmation. One lady from Shirdi, who was present then, could not get what Sai Baba was saying. She said, " Baba you say strange things. You say you go thrice a day to this lady's home. Yet I see You sitting here all the time." Sai Baba said, " I do not speak untruth. I am Mahalaxhmi. Aaye don't I come to your house? And you give lunch and delicious savories to eat." Again the reply was in affirmative.

The suspicious lady from Shirdi still confused asked to Mrs. Tarkhad about the same, and received an affirmative answer that Sai Baba did visit their home in Mumbai thrice a day.

Sai Baba then asked the (Tarkhad's) son, " Don't I come to your home everyday?" The son replied in afirmation. Sai Baba not stopping their started giving his visit in detail. It is a well known fact that Sai Baba never left Shirdi physically, except to two nearby towns (about 4 miles in circumference of Shirdi), and that was the reason that the lady of Shirdi, could not trust Sai Baba's words of visiting Mumbai, which is about 300 kms from Shirdi.

Then followed details given by Sai Baba, "I go from here and take straight road. Just before his home is a wall, i jump over it. The railway track are to be crossed." Sai Baba said, "Only then do I see Bhau's(brother) home. Isn't that so?"

Now it was the time for the son to get confused, who had immense faith and love for Sai Baba. He said, "No, Baba first our home then the railway tracks." Sai Baba insisted that he crossed the railway tracks before reaching their home. The son was confused at this and remembered that the front door of their home opened up in the East. They had to come out of that door and facing west they would first offer whatever day were suppose to eat and drink, as Naivedhya to Sai Baba. While offering they faced West, as Shirdi is located in West of Bombay (Mumbai). Only after that offering was made they would sit for their food. They considered it as Sai Baba's sacred prasad.

That was the precision, with which Sai Baba showed his way to their home for accepting the food, offered with love and devotion. Let us also not forget to offer the daily food we eat, first offer to Sai Baba with deep Love and Faith, and eat the sacred prasad thereafter.


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