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Saibaba curing eyes of His Sakha devotee Shamyaa

Since last post dealt with one of the most intimate devotee Shama, an incident Of Sai Baba of Shirdi, with his devotee Shama (Madhavrao Despande). The incident brings more light on, the uniqueness of their relationship. The relation that Shama shared with Sai Baba was, what is called Sakha. Relation with God, as a friend. And the acceptance and joy of this wonderful relation by God here (Shri Sai Baba).

It is well known that people flocked to Shirdi, or prayed to Sai Baba from where ever they physically were, for the relief and cure of their various physical ailments. Physical ailments varying from mere fever to the highly complicated ailments, were the Vaidyas and Doctors and medicines and surgeries would have failed. It was due to the relief and cure of the later, that so many would come to Shirdi, many with all other methods of relief or cure being tried and failed, seek Sai Baba's help and would get free from the trouble caused by such ailments. Most of the times sacred Udi from the Dhuni, fire that Sai Baba kept alive in Dwarkamai, and still kept alive now by Sri Saibaba Sansthan, was given by Sai Baba, regardless of the ailment one suffered from, and relief and freedom was received, by the one that suffered.

Once Shama had a fulminating eye infection. The eyes were red, swollen and watered profusely. Normal remedies of ointments and pills were tried, but rather than getting any relief, the condition got worse from bad. The pain now became quite unbearable. When the pain gets quiet unbearable, most of us devotees, find only one place, Sai Baba's Sharan (surrender).

Shama when confronted Sai Baba, Sai Baba, knowing all, asked him if everything was Ok. Being the relation of Sakha (friend),
Shama replied in upset tone, which a bhakt (devotee), would not think about, he said angrily, " Deva I have not seen such a callous, uncaring and unconcerned God like You. You cure the whole of the humanity. For past four days I am in immense agony." he further related the conditions of his eyes the swollen state, the redness and profusely watering of his eyes.

Further he said, " Because of the throbbing I am crying, sobbing, shouting and dying of pain, but You are oblivious of this. Aren't You ashamed of yourself? Are You blind? Are You deaf too? What is use of such a God?"

After saying these things to Sai Baba, he further mocked a threatening statement which he used often, i feel, one such statement is mentioned in Shri Sai SatCharitra, when a lady with problem of progeny, after trying various methods of getting a child, was still childless, came to Shirdi to serve Sai Baba, with the mind set to pray to Sai Baba, so that she can be a mother of a child. She did became the mother of a lovely child!

Shama said, " If by tomorrow my eyes are not cured, I will drive You out of Dwarkamai or my name is not Shama."

Sai Baba replied in the same human friendly way in Marathi language, that he shared with Shama and many others, " Ugach, vat vat karu nakos Shamyaa, saath meeryach danee ugall aani de doolyath ghalun mange bhag thuje doole vingaavani hothil" roughly translated, ( Shamyaa, don't grumble for nothing. Take seven black pepper seeds and boil them in water and put this in your eyes. And your eyes will become crystal clear. Here take Udi and go. )

This infuriated Shama more, he said, " Deva You think You are very smart? Where in the earth did You learn this Vaidgiri? I will put the pepper in my eyes and my eyes will burst. How great is your prescription? It's a prescription meant only to burst people's eyes."

Sai Baba still lovingly calm replied, "Don't act smart Shamyaa. Do what I say, and if your eyes don't become clear then you can get angry."

Madhav Roa (Shama) had utmost Shraddha (Faith) in Sai Baba, he acted accordingly, and his eyes became clear, the ailments and the agony left.

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