Sunday, July 22, 2007

Local temple idol's face of Sai Baba

Picture taken of Sai Baba face side view

This one is one more post from mobile, the text is though added fro
m computer. Today i took few pictures of Sai Baba's idol. The temple is located near Valentine multiplex Surat Dumas Road. There use to be a tomb of a Sufi mystic there. Sai Baba's beautiful idol was placed afterwards, will try to know the story behind it and publish it. Also few more pictures will be added.

Last post was about physical out look of Sai Baba and how Sai Baba's physical appearance came out different in the photographs taken . There was one incident where a person wanted to take Sai Baba's picture. Sai Baba's request or order was not regarded and the pi
cture was taken. Following was the result of that picture.
Sai Baba under the umbrella did not appear in the picture, while the rest of the people standing around can be seen in the picture.


Anonymous said...

well i cant say its a true image . or may be a technically edited.

Alpesh Patel said...

Om Sai Ram Anonymous,

This happened long time before, in early 1900 A.D.

And it happened!

aj said...

it did happen..there are strong evidences for it!!

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