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Composed by:: Sant Tukaram Maharaj

Bhaktaachiya potee bodh kaakada jyoti
Pancha prana jeevehbave owaaloo aarati
Owaaloo aaratee maajyza pandhareenaatha majyza sainathaa
Donhi kara jodonee charanee ttevilaa mathaa
Kaay mahima varnoo aataa sangane kitee
Kotee brahma hatyaa mukha pahataa jaatee
Rahee rakhmaabaayee ubhya doghee do baahee
Mayur pincha chaamara dhaaliti thaayee che thaayee
Tuka mhane deep ghewuni unmaneet shobhaa
Vittevaree ubha dise laawanya gaabhaa
Owaaloo aaratee


With fire of devotion glowing in our hearts, we offer Kakad Arati to thee! Igniting our five vital
forces (pranas) and the sense of ego as wicks in the Arati lamp, we offer Arati to thee.
Oh! My Lord of Pandari, Sri Sainath, hail to thy glory! With folded hands, I humbly lay my head on
thy holy feet. How can I describe thy ineffable glories? Even billions of deadly sins such as brahmahatya
(killing a brahmin etc.) shall be purged just by the mere sight of thy hallowed face. Rayee and Rukhumabai,
standing on either side, gently fan about thee with chowries (royal fans) made of peacock feathers. Tukaram
holds the lamp (of knowledge) aloft lauding thy divine splendour, absorbed in blissful rapture. It is verily
a sight for the gods and a feast for the eyes to behold Lord Vittal standing gracefully on a brick (of bhakti).

"Arati Sai Baba"
(Book of Shirdi Aratis)
English Transliteration of the Original Marathi arati songs
with an English Translation, Introduction and commentary

Sri Sainathuni Sarath Babuji
Published by
Saipatham Publications
P.O.Box No.1277
Opp.Kacheguda Rly.Station
Hyderabad, 500 027
Phone & Fax:: 663385, 666370


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