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Padh lyrics and translation in English

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Padh is a part of Sai Baba aarti sung in Shirdi Sai Baba Samadhi Temple.

Composed by:: Sant Namadev

Utta utta saadhu sant aapulale hit
Jaaeel jaaeel ha nardeh mag kaincha bhagawant
Uttoniya pahaante baba ubha ase vitte
Charan tayaache gomate amrit drishti awalokaa
Utta utta ho vegesee chalaa jaawoonya raawulaasee
Jalatil patakaanchya raashi kaakad aarati dekhliyaa
Jaage karaa rukhminivar, dev aahe nijasuraant
Vege limbalon karaa drisht hoeel tayasee
Daaree waajantree vaajatee dhol damaame garjatee
Hote kaakad aarati maazhyaa sadguru rayaanchee
Simhanaad shankabheree aanand hoto mahaa dwaaree
Keshawaraaj vittewaree naamaa charan vandito

Awake and arise oh! Pious and devout, and wend your way for your lasting weal! Once this mortal
coil passes away how can you perceive the divine glories of God?
Awake early in the morning and take darshan of Lord Vittal who stands gracefully on a brick. Lo!
His merciful looks shower nectar. Take refuge at his feet!
A glimpse of the glowing lamp of Kakad Arati destroys a mass of a million sins! Get up from your
beds and make haste to the Mandir!
Invoke the consort of Rukmini to rise from his bed. He is verily the Lord of all gods. Proffer pure
butter (of devotion) to the Lord without any delay lest it should be polluted by greedy looks (i.e.lest the
devotion should be polluted by looking greedily at the world).
At the Mandir-entrance, musical instruments such as drums are being played as the Morning Arati
is being offered to our Sadguru.
Deep resonant sounds from trumpets and conch-shells roar forth with crescendo from the Main
Door in festive gusto. Namadev prostrates to the holy feet of Vittal who is Lord Kesava manifest.

The morning awakening services rendered to deity are called Kakad Arati. Kakad means a wick
made of a thin strip of cloth. Customarily such a cloth-wick is used in the aarti-lamp waved before the
deity in the morning services. So its name Kakad Arati. The Varkari saints attached great importance and
sentiment to kakad jyoti and encouraged people to begin their day by attending or performing Kakad
Arati to their chosen deity. Sant Namadev, for instance, calls out in the present aarti-psalm. “A glimpse of
the glowing lamp of Kakad Arati destroys a mass of a million sins; get up from your beds and make haste
to the Mandir!” The daily performance of a devout morning service like the Kakad Arati not only induces
a sense of auspiciousness in the hearts of people but also conduces a lingering devotional effect on them,
even amidst their quotidian chores.
Padh is a popular form of lyrical poetry in the northern India. It is a short lyrical composition set to
a raga (musical mode) and especially meant for singing. In singing a padh, the refrain {dhruti} is repeated
- in a chorus - between each verse.

"Arati Sai Baba"
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