Sunday, May 27, 2007

Reading of Sri Sai SatChritra in Temple

Since last two weeks I have been taking time out for reading Sai SatChritra in a week, in the local Sai Baba temple. The grace works great on the system (Physical, emotional, mental, subtle and more unknown). All the time while reading the awareness is on the great vibrations or the energy generated from the book and from the sacred place (Temple) itself. Today there was some disturbance in the system (mental and emotional), so the mind was not grasping all that was read, it was telling Oh! Baba, today there is disturbance in the system, so the disturbance is not allowing to grasp what is being read. The disturbance is surrendered to you and the grace created while reading. That’s how the disturbance created was surrendered.

However all the time going through the reading, as it is the peculiarity of reading this sacred Pothi(Literature) one thing would always strike, this time it was the all-pervasiveness of Sai Baba. How Sai Baba pointed to Mr. Cholkar, who had given up taking sugar in his tea, till he would see Sai Baba, was known by Sai Baba (Chapter 15). How Mr. V.H.Thakur who had met Kanarese Saint (Appa) and had a buffalo-ride through the Ghat, which inconvenienced and pained him much, of whom Sai Baba said, Then Baba said - "What Appa told you was all right, but these things have to be practiced and lived. Mere reading won't do. You have to think and carry out what you read, otherwise, it is of no use. Mere book-learning, without the grace of the Guru, and self-realization is of no avail"(Chapter 21), Where Sai Baba also pointed to the grace of God or Guru to be the most essential, which would guide us to self-realization.

Numerous are such stories where Sai Baba would tell, the incidents and even thoughts of devotees or visitors of past. Writing of all the incidents would require a book or more words than the words written until now on this blog. Many Saints have the ability to read the thoughts of the people, however Sai Baba would relate the incidents and thoughts of past also, to point the short comings or generosity of the devotees and the visitors.

Surely he was showing his all-pervasiveness, that he is sitting in the heart of each of us and all and everything. Nothing is hidden from him, even within us what is hidden from us is not hidden from him.

Jai SaiNath

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