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Since interacting with many devotees who have visited the site, it came to notice that most of the visitors are not too comfortable with the browsing of blog. So i am creating a menu of all the posts, with heading, description of all the posts with link, so those devotees, not much comfortable with browsing through posts can find it easier to browse through the topics, they would like to read.

My first experience in Shirdi.

When the blog was started, it was intended as the writer's notebook. A notebook of Spiritual and daily experiences. Hence the web site address of blog is First post, the experiences in Shirdi and with Sai SatCharitra was rather written long time back, when a couple of Sai Baba devotees persuaded me to write about my experiences on the yahoo group. I was not to keen on writing then, but out of pursue wrote the experiences. That was just copy pasted as the first post.And with the start of this post it happened that the following few post were also related to Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi, hence it became dedicated to him. This experience was really a blessing and love of Sai Baba on me as i was not much interested in Shree Sai Baba or prayers or worships at that particular time.

Online Tour of Shirdi of Shree Sai Baba

I have visited sacred and divine land Shirdi (on which Sai Baba strode, when in flesh and blood) many a times many a times.Each visit had that homely and divine vibrational feeling. And each visit some new place related with Sai Baba was known. As the stay in Shirdi was minimum two days, sometimes i just used to roam about in village and inquire about the places. Also books were read for the same and internet was surfed vigorously to find more and more related to Sai Baba. Many friends and relatives who had visited Shirdi many times after visiting with me where happy and excited to know more about Shree Sai Baba and various places associated with Sai Baba and his devotees, and the history of the place. Many devotees knew just the Samadhi Temple, Gurusthan and Dwarkamai. So i decided to make online tour of Shirdi with as much information i have gathered from different sources, so that devotees all around the world can enjoy more in the divine atmosphere of Shirdi.The front page of this tour is just the menu as there are many places with much information regarding those places. The tour is still in making, hope it will get complete soon by Shree Sai Baba's grace.

Visiting The Local Temple

This post was actually written, in the local temple of Sai Baba, situated near Valentine Multiplex, in Surat, Gujarat, India.. I sometimes spent much time in this temple, sitting and meditating in the temple for and hour. Or reading the sacred Book Sai SatCharitra. The Temple has a tomb of a Sufi Mystic in front of Idol. The Statue is huge and beautiful and living as all the statues and pictures of Shree Sai BabaSai Baba. The size is a little larger than that of Statue of Sai Baba in Shirdi. I will try and get the picture of the same and attach to this post. Yes the post was written while sitting in the temple in my mobile phone notes.


This post started with about writing about experience with a head band with powerful sacred energy obtained from Zar Zari ZarBhaksh tomb, A Sufi Mystic. More on the post as it is long. After half the post was written, as those were very tough days for me financially and emotionally, it struck me. So the post was continued after two days how those two tough days where dealt with, and how it had affected on my mind and body and how i got through with it with Sai Baba's Grace.


Much before the writing on blog started, i was really facing some tough time and was jobless even after more than 2 years of hard work was left with financial debt. Much time was spent in meditating on picture and letting the energy created through it sustain the troubled mind. In those times much inclination for writing a book on Shri Sai Baba'sSai Baba. And especially the effect of Shree Sai Babas Grace and Love and the divine vibrations felt while meditating on Sai Baba's picture and reading Sai SatCharitra, was there. i never had the feeling of writing before, as stated earlier even the first experiences that were written long back, had came about after much pursuance of Sai Baba's devotees, while chats on the net.This time it was write, write, write so i had begun writing with pen and paper in a book. A preface was written first after evoking the blessings of Shree Ganesh and the most beloved Shirdi wale Sai Baba. That was copied from the book and typed as the post.


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