Monday, January 29, 2007

Let the mind always crave for Sai Baba

Sai Baba would always do something great that none would expect. Once Das Ganu Maharaj, was writing a commentary in Marathi Language on Isha Upanishad. It was not at all an easy task. He translated the work in Marathi language verse by verse, but was not satisfied with it. He consulted and talked with many intelligent scholars but could not find satisfaction. Thus he resolved to consult the incarnation of truth itself the Sai Baba to get some satisfactory, understanding of the work of Ishavasya Upanishad, the commentaries on truth. So when he got an opportunity to visit the sacred land Shirdi, he consulted Sai Baba about the same. Sai Baba blessed him and said, "You need not be anxious, there is no difficulty about the matter, the mind-servant of Kaka (Kakasaheb Dixit) will solve your doubts at Vile Parle, on your way home".

Now to any intelligent mind it would seem, how could a problem which even the most intelligent scholars failed to give satisfactory answers, be solved by an uneducated maidservant. But Das Ganu who was also a drawn devotee of Sai Baba, SaiBaba many a times had asked Sri Das Ganu, to come to Shirdi and spend his time in devotion. But as is the mind’s attraction he always tried to postpone it, giving more importance to other things in life. He was working in police force and Sai Baba miraculously saved him, when he was about to be killed by a robber, whom he was searching for and wanted to jail him. Since than Das Ganu Maharaj, devoted most of his time in devotion of God and Spirituality. He used to compose cheap folk songs, and after that he composed so many Bhajans and even aartis of Sai Baba. Das Ganu was a vehicle to spread the glory of Sai Baba through his bhajans and kirtans. On hearing many devotees were fortunate to folk to Shirdi, while Sai Baba was still present in flesh and Blood.

So this Das Ganu had developed such Faith in Sai Baba, that he never get a second thought. He had full faith that what Sai Baba has said was true, the words flown from the incarnation of truth and mercy.

And he did get the answer he was looking for. When he visited Kakasaheb Dixit’s home and in the morning he heard a song sung by a little girl in clear, melodious and attractive tone. He got curious about, who was singing the song. On inquiring he came to know it was Kaka’s maidservant who was singing the song. The theme of the beautiful song was the crimson colored Sari, and it’s beautiful attributes. The girl singing was clad in worn out clothes, yet she had the joy of singing about a beautiful sari. She did not miss it, there was no gloom of not having such good clothes. Looking at her impoverished condition, Das Ganu Maharaj asked for to provide her with a good sari. The little girl was too happy to receive the gift and danced and whirled around with the song in her mouth, wearing the new sari. Next day Das Ganu Maharaj was surprised to see the same joy on the girl’s face, the same dance, even in the worn out clothes.

His pity for the girl’s poverty turned into admiration. The richness of girls mind. Most of us are beggars even after, having so many good clothes in the wardrobe. Still wanting for more. The mind is still not at rest wanting for more good clothes. It is the calm and satisfied mind, satisfied in the worldly sense that is required for Bhakti, devotion, or meditation or for spirituality, which the girl had. The girl was not even aware of her spiritual nature. While so many of us claiming to be of spiritual nature just by visiting temples, doing spiritual ceremonies, getting spiritual looking deeds like sacrifice and donations, reading sacred books and having a craving mind think ourselves to be spiritual. Or at least interested in spiritual matters, A craving mind is always far from spirituality or devotion, if craving is there let us turn it towards the grace and love of God, our Sadguru Sai Baba. Let the mind crave more and more of Sai Baba, SaiBaba’s stories, his grace, devotion for him. Let us be anywhere what ever we are doing the craving of the mind should be of Sai Baba, his grace, his love. As lover what ever he or she is doing the thought of the loved one is always in the mind. For the mother of a young child her mind is always on the child, and for a greedy person the mind is always on the wealth. In the same way let our mind be always on Sai Baba, wherever we go whatever we are doing.

Om Sai Ram


saidatta said...

hi alpesh,

om sairam, do you have any idea of collection of Das ganu Maharaj's books on Baba.Plz let me know.

my email id :

Alpesh Patel said...

I bought a book from Shirdi called "Sai Hari Katha" Das Ganu translated by Dr. Rabinder Nath Kakarya.

Published by sterling paperbacks an imprint of sterling publishers pvt ltd.

below are the links if you want to buy them online

Anonymous said...

Das Ganu Maharaj was a great scholar.he has written biography of Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon,which is available in all languages. Beside he has written 39 books religous books in Marathi.For more info. please visit

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